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3.0T nuclear magnetic resonance molecular imaging superconducting magnet prototype detection and superconducting magnet technology collaborative innovation seminar held a grand

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August 18, 2017, "3.0T nuclear magnetic resonance molecular imaging superconducting magnet prototype detection and superconducting magnet technology collaborative innovation seminar" held in Weifang.
      Prior to the meeting, Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Department Li Julin deputy director, Weifang City Municipal Committee, propaganda minister, high-tech zone Party Working Committee Secretary Zhao Bao and other leaders met with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Ye Zhaohui academician, China Medical Devices Corporation Chairman of the Qingming, China Medical Devices Industry Association expert committee Wu Qiyao director and his party.
       3.0T / 850 nuclear magnetic resonance molecular imaging superconducting magnet used in 3.0T nuclear magnetic resonance imaging system, is the most advanced high-end medical imaging equipment, one of the various parts of the body can be high-quality scanning. Compared with the traditional 1.5T nuclear magnetic resonance system, it has the advantages of fast imaging speed, high image quality and low scanning noise. Patients can get the quickest and most accurate diagnosis, for the treatment of the disease to win valuable time and timing.
         Experts from all walks of life, leaders at all levels, magnetic resonance machine manufacturers, hospital representatives and other participants to Weifang Xinli superconductivity visited the magnetic resonance products production site, on-site detection of 3.0T / 850 nuclear magnetic resonance molecular imaging superconducting magnet prototype The magnetic field strength, magnetic field uniformity, magnetic field stability and other key technical indicators.
     After the on-site inspection, Weifang City Science and Technology Bureau Li Zhenzhong, deputy director presided over the prototype testing meeting.
         Shandong Province Product Quality Inspection Institute of Electrical Safety and Energy Efficiency Test Institute of the magnet was tested and issued a test report that the sample seized the project in full compliance with Q / 0700WXL002-2017 standard requirements. Shandong Institute of Science Information Institute of the magnet technical indicators of the global investigation, in the field of existing search to retrieve the product is closely related to the literature for the 0.
       Academician Ye Zhahui of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chairman of the China Medical Device Corporation, Chairman of the China Medical Device Industry Association, Wu Qiyao, director of the technical specifications of the 3.0T superconducting magnets were demonstrated and evaluated. The magnets passed the authority department, Index to meet the 3.0T system imaging requirements, breaking the international monopoly of the technology, Sony superconductivity has been fully grasp the field of precision medical high-end nuclear magnetic resonance superconducting core technology to become China's medical superconducting magnet technology from the general 1.5T To the high-end 3.0T landmark milestone, to boost our high-end magnetic resonance imaging equipment to lay a solid foundation.
         Then, Mr. Tang Xin, Chairman of Suzhou Langrun Medical System Co., Ltd. and Mr. Wang Zhaolian, Chairman of Weifang Xinli Superconducting Magnetoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., signed five 5.0T nuclear magnetic resonance molecular imaging superconducting magnet purchase contract, which opened the magnet and the whole Machine system of the industrialization of the road.
        Weifang High-tech Zone Executive Committee Deputy Director Zhao Wenjun comrades presided over the superconducting magnet technology collaborative innovation seminar. Vice Mayor of Weifang City Comrade Tian Minli speech for the General Assembly.
       The experts introduced the superconducting magnet technology in various fields of development status and future broad prospects.
        Academician Ye Zhahui made a report on "Overview of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Industry", Peking University Third Hospital and Dr. Qingyuan made a report on the application of high field magnetic resonance imaging in cell microenvironment imaging. The magnetic resonance intervention room of Shandong Medical Imaging Institute Director of the "magnetic resonance intervention technology in the precision of minimally invasive treatment of brain disease application" report, Professor Zhao Huawei University of Queensland made a "high field nuclear magnetic resonance" report, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of high-energy superconducting magnet engineering technology research center director Zhu Zian made a " Superconductivity technology in the field of high-energy science and engineering and industrial magnetic separation application and development "report, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Electrical Electromagnetics Laboratory Yang Wenhui director of" superconducting magnet technology and magnetic resonance imaging application development "report, China metering Professor Liu Zilong of the Institute of Scientific Research has done a report on "Quality Control Methods and Standardization of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Equipment, which can be traceable to SI units" in the "National Key R & D Plan" digital medical equipment research and development.
        Participating in the exchange of representatives to explore the province to promote magnetic resonance technology and superconducting magnet technology collaborative innovation of the new model, a new path. Peking University Third Hospital of magnetic resonance imaging equipment and technology Beijing Key Laboratory Assistant Director Xue Xiaqi senior engineer, Shandong University School of electrical engineering Professor Liu Zhizhen, Ph.D., Binzhou Medical College Li Xianglin vice president, Long Run medical company Tang Xin, chairman, bass Up to medical treatment Chen Wenbo executive vice president, Wan Dong medical Dr. Wang Huan, respectively, to speak, the Provincial Science and Technology Department, Weifang City, high-tech zone management committee and other leaders, guests and other real exchange.
        Shandong Province Science and Technology Department Deputy Director Li Julin made an important speech, asked Xinli superconductivity and Shandong Long Run medical companies to strengthen cooperation so that high-end medical research to a new level, I hope experts and scientific research results in close connection with Shandong Province, as soon as possible into Productivity, and jointly promote the development of health and hygiene industry in Shandong, in order to speed up the province's new and old energy to make greater contributions to the conversion.
       Weifang Xinli Superconducting Company Wang Zhaolin, chairman of the speech thanks to the speech, and said the company will be 3.0T / 850 nuclear magnetic resonance imaging superconducting magnet prototype successfully passed the test as an opportunity to increase cooperation with domestic and foreign experts and medical research cooperation Partners to cooperate with the new model of collaborative innovation, increase marketing and industrialization efforts to quickly push the product to the market for the health of the people, the benefit of the whole society.

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